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A unique therapeutic dry sauna combined with a vibrating bed that helps to stimulate oxygen and blood flow through the body, relieves stress and muscle aches, increases circulation, detoxifies, lower’s blood pressure and reduces fluid retention. After one session you will feel rejuvenated and on your way to total well-being.

Infrared Sauna
This is an effective treatment designed to help remove toxins, like heavy metals and chemicals, that burden on our lymphatic system. This is an essential treatment for chronically ill clients (e.g cancer patients) and clients who want to assistance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, build your immune system, and help with recovery from exercise and injuries.

Spa & Sauna
Enhance your Day Spa experience and unwind in our toasty Spa and Sauna lounge, while your mind and body full relax, releasing stress and tension. The Spa & Sauna is the perfect addition to our Body & Massage Rituals

All of the above, are available as one treatment or as a course package.


International Contour Body Wrap
If you are wanting to lose a few centimetres, slip into that dress or wanting better results with your diet and exercise, this treatment is perfect for you!! This body wrap will work on both your skin and soft fatty tissues, allowing you feel trim, toned and terrific, while helping assiting the toxin removal from your Lymphatic System. This treatment is combined with our Vibrosaun Therapy.

Available as one treatment, or as a course package.

I-Blanket Treatment
Burning fat has never been so HOT!! The I-Blanket is designed to rid toxins stored in fat cells, burning approximately 600+ calories in one treatment. It will also assist in improving blood circulation and skin quality, cleanses impurities and promotes both sweating and furthermore thermogenesis. It utilizes far infrared rays to heat your body from the inside out, as opposed to traditional steam sauna’s that penetrate heat around you.

Available as one treatment, or as a course package.

Ultrasound Cavitation
Non-surgical lipo sculpture treatment with no downtime and fast results! Assists in smoothing, firming and rejuvenating the skin whilst targeting cellulite and stubborn fatty cells. This treatment includes the I-Blanket Therapy

Available as one treatment, or as a course package.

Mind, Body & Soul

Full Body Exfoliation
Oasis signature made scrubs are infused with essential oils and natural ingredients to gently exfoliate and treat your skin, finishing with some of our favourite body butters to leave your skin feeling soft and supple!

Decadent Body Package
This really is true Decadence for an all over Body Treatment. Includes the Oasis Signature Body Scrub, Dry Body Brush Techniques, Cleansing Therapeutic Body Wraps with a cocoon wrapping blanket, and finished with a warm body butter to deeply nourish your skin.